6-10 September 2022
Sechenov Univercity

About Russia

Russia is a beautiful country with the greatest historical and cultural heritage.

There are many noteworthy places in the world, but Russia is a special country. Firstly, it is the largest and one of the most populated of the world’s countries. And it is an interesting fact, that despite such great distances, Russian people are very united. Our people are strong, kind and responsive.

Russian spellbinding landscapes, endless fields, tall mountains, beautiful forests, deep rivers and lakes just cannot be described in words! The vast expanses of Russia are highly generous and strong. Thank this, there are many different animals and plants in Russia.

Stereotypes about Russia: true or nonsense?

  1. Russians call each other “comrade” or “tovarishch”
    “Сomrade” was a word coined by the Bolsheviks to replace the pre-revolutionary ways of addressing people - Gospodin (Mr.), and Gospozha (Mrs.). Nowadays, it’s no longer used in colloquial speech. And if you do hear, then it’s usually said with a hint of irony.
  2. Russians drink a lot of vodka
    Being one of Russia’s national treasures, vodka is indeed a very popular drink. However, beer and wine are also popular. And, believe it or not, some Russians don’t drink at all
  3. Bears walk at the street
    While it’s nothing unusual if a bear or a moose wanders into a remote Russian village or town, bears don’t walk city streets
  4. Russians say “na zdorovie” when toasting
    Not at all. These words are usually a response to when someone says "spasibo" (thank you!). In this sense, "na zdorovie" is more like saying, “you’re welcome.”
  5. Russia is a very cold country
    Russia is a vast country with seven climate zones, so the weather can get pretty extreme: from +45℃ in summer Kalmykia to deathly -64° in Oymyakon in winter. However, most of the country is in the temperate zone, and the Black sea coast – where Sochi is – is in the subtropics.
  6. Russians never smile
    They do, but rarely at strangers, as they never smile for the sake of being polite and beam mostly at friends and family. Also, they say that laughter without reason is a sign of stupidity, so when a Russian smiles at you, this is most certainly genuine and well deserved.
  7. Russians wear ushanka, valenki and lapti
    People dressed in such stuff can rarely be found on the street. We wear the same clothes as you.